Our first Cuckold Story

December 10th, 2009 Posted by Cuckold Dating, Cuckold Stories No Comment yet

My name is Ryan and I am a submissive husband Cuckold. My wife has just made me create Cuckolddating.co.uk because she is fed up with having sex just with me. She makes me clean at home while she goes out and dates men off this site. To humilate me she has made me put a picture up here:

Cuckold Ryan Washing up again

Me (Ryan) being a Cuck while my wife visits her boyfriend

She is also making me use twitter to tell you how useless I am and how everyone should join her on Cuckolddating.co.uk , it is free to register on Cuckolddating.co.uk and we already have 1000’s of UK members so join today.

Follow me (Ryan) on Twitter.com/cuckolddating

Follow me (Ryan) on Twitter.com/cuckolddating

Dont forget to follow me on Twitter.com/cuckolddating